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About us

Civic orientation in Östergötland and Tranås is conducted by a unit within Region Östergötland on behalf of the county’s municipalities and Tranås. The main purpose of conducting the operations regionally is to provide all municipalities in the region the possibility to offer an equivalent civic orientation in native languages by providing well-educated regional social and health communicators.

Our social communicators are well-educated and have solid ties to the participants’ culture in their homeland and to Swedish culture. We offer courses in the following languages: Arabic, Somali, Syrian, Persian/Farsi, Dari, Tigrinya, Assyrian, Amharic, Kurmanji, French, English, and simplified Swedish.

Civic orientation staf

Civic orientation is a statutory education initiative for newly arrived in native languages in dialogue form. According to the ordinance, municipalities are obligated to offer at least 100 hours of civic orientation in native languages to newly arrived individuals ages 18 to 65.

The regional civic orientation in Östergötland comprise a total of 102 hours and includes a total of 30 units, covered during 38 sessions. Each class session is three hours. Normally, a course runs for 7-8 weeks where each group participates in mornings or afternoons depending on what other activities they have planned for the rest of the day, for example SFI.