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What will you learn in this course?
Course contents

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The contents of the Civic Orientation in Östergötland and Tranås cover ten themes based on the stipulations of the ordinance. The course includes, among other things, internet/e-services (12 hours) and a library tour (3 hours).

The course is led by a social communicator and offered in native languages or a language the participants master. Everything is in dialogue form where participants have the opportunity to discuss set topics with one another together with the social communicator.

Theme 1: Arriving in Sweden
• Introduction/Newly arrived in Sweden
• Swedish society and the local community
• Cultural life and traditions in Swedish society

Theme 2: Living in Sweden
• Different types of housing and seeking housing
• Home economics/Environment and waste sorting

Theme 3: Supporting yourself and developing in Sweden
• AThe labour market and the welfare system
• AApplying for work and starting your own business/If you are unable to work
• Adult education

Theme 4: Starting a family and living with children in Sweden
• Expecting and having children/parenting
• Rights of the child (including visit from SOC)
• Childcare, compulsory school, secondary school
• Living together

Theme 5: The individual’s rights and obligations
• Human rights (+ road traffic knowledge)
• Equality/gender equality

Theme 6: Having an influence in Sweden
• Democracy and politics/fundamental laws
• Swedish authorities/the judiciary

Theme 7: Looking after your health in Sweden
• Different forms of care
• Impact of migration on health
• The importance of a healthy diet
• Exercise, dental health, and first aid

Theme 8: Growing old in Sweden
• Growing old in Sweden

Theme 9: Internet and payment services
• Computer literacy (2 hours)
• Word processing (2 hours)
• Internet (2 hours)
• Email (2 hours)
• E-services (2 hours)
• Payment services and secure online shopping

Theme 10: Library
• Library tour, e-services